Around town Aerial Photography.

One of our aerial photography  jobs required a quick trip to Tempe, AZ to take photos of the recently constructed practice dome of the Arizona Cardinals.

The facility was manufactured by Yeadon Domes out of Minnesota. Yeadon also manufactured the same type of facility for the Arizona State Universities football practice fields.


Coming in from the East facing South….

Arizona Cardinals Aerial Photography

Facing East…

Arizona Sports Photography Aerial

Project being completed by Ryan Companies.

RYAN Construction Arizona

Residential shot for the MLS…


More residential aerial photography can be seen here….

Here is a short video of the trip….

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Fountain Hills Cutillo Civic Plaza – Municipal Aerial Photography

Recently we were contracted to take aerial photos for the city of Fountain Hills. Specifically the newly developed Centennial Circle located at the Cutillo Civic Plaza.

Below is an example how the image was utilized to mark the location of the buildings in relation to where the guest is standing. The end result was spectacular.



In addition to this pillar, there are several pieces of art and interesting things to look at. Here are just a few.


Fountain Hills Aerial Photography Arizona.jpgFountain Hills Aerial Photography.jpg5D3_1409_E.jpg5D3_1366_E.jpg5D3_1377_E.jpg5D3_1381_E.jpg5D3_1417_E.jpg5D3_1367_E.jpg5D3_1382_E.jpg5D3_1374_E.jpg5D3_1410_E.jpg5D3_1414_E.jpg5D3_1423_E.jpg5D3_1605_E.jpg



Below is a close-up of the image used as well as some of the surrounding buildings…

IMG_2904_Master Edit_Crop IMG_2760_E



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Progression Aerial Photography in Arizona

At Aerial Perspectives of Arizona we are privileged to have a great working relationship with all our customers and the folks at Sundt Construction are no different.

For some time now we have been working along side Sundt, photographically documenting the progression of the Val Vista Water Treatment Plant in Mesa Arizona.

Below are a few images taken over the course of 2 years. Currently we are working on a small addition to the main project.

More information on this exciting project can be found by following this link







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Arizona Aviation Photography

A few recent snaps taken at the Coolidge fly-in and Phoenix Mesa Gateway.


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Industrial Aerial Photography


Late last year we were asked to provide aerial images for a local company called MGC Pure Chemicals America. The images were intended to be an update of earlier ones completed and were going to showcase recent expansions and renovations.

While searching the net for other unrelated project images, I came across this video where one of our images was used in the closing segment.

For more examples of Industrial Aerial Photographs, follow this LINK

Industrial Aerial Photography in Arizona

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Commercial Real Estate and Retail Aerial Photography in Arizona

Recently we were contracted to take both ground and aerial photos for a commercial real estate development company from out of state. The locations were throughout the valley and the criteria was very specific in terms of elevations and angles needed for their requirements. The flight scheduling was difficult due to the rare occurrence of rain last week and other overcast weather activity, but yesterday the clouds broke and we were able to complete job without a hitch.


In addition to aerial photographs, we were asked to complete ground photos of all the requested locations. Below is an example of what was provided.



While traveling through the West side of town, I took this collection of aerial photos along the way.

5d aerial photography.jpgUniversity of Phoenix Aerial Photo Arizona.jpg5D3_9661.jpglow level aerial photography in az.jpgaerial photo glendale az.jpgaerial photo of cabellas in peoria az.jpgaerial photo of home depot arizona.jpgArizona outlet mall aerial photo.jpgretail aerial photos az.jpgaerial photo of church in arizona az.jpg

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A few local models

Downtime from shooting aerial photos, I like to keep the blade sharp by practicing other genres such as shooting people, places and things.



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Aerial Photographers in Arizona

There are only a handful of Aerial Photographers in Arizona and I am privileged to be one of the group. My beginnings in aerial photography started in utilizing radio controlled airplanes and quadcopters, but after several years of providing high quality images, customer demands and the desire to keep improving led to partnerships with several helicopter charter companies in the valley. We now have coverage from every corner of phoenix and the ability to venture out into Tucson. Since making this change, the results have been spectacular.

Our latest flight was with Airwest Helicopter Services out of Glendale. Our photo job took us out to Gila Bend Arizona where we were contracted to photograph the Solana Solar Plant.

My Pilot John snapped this photo of me during the flight and was kind enough to share it.

The camera I’m using here is the new Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70 L series lens. A little more about the camera and it’s performance can be found in my prior post or here, 

The image below is approximately the angle of view at the time.


On the way back we did a run around Cardinal Stadium where I got this great shot. I like it so much I decided to use on our new business cards and website gallery. Thanks John for a great flight in and out of town!!




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Aerial Photography with the Canon 5D Mark III

At Aerial Perspectives of Arizona we try to keep up with the latest advances in technology in order to provide the best quality product to our customers. With that, we recently acquired a new Canon 5D Mark III DSLR. I think we’ve reached a point in technology where the hardware all but eliminates any doubt that a bad shot is without question the users error and not the equipment. It doesn’t matter if its Canon or Nikon, I just think the technology has almost maxed out as it relates to how much better things can get.

In order to achieve the high quality aerial photographs that we do, we utilize  faster shutter speeds along with fast frame rates and high ISO performance. The Canon 5D Mark III delivers in every aspect. Auto focus and the speed of the auto focus matters in the air, but not as much as in high speed action tracking. In order to learn these features of the camera, our friends at were so kind in allowing me to come out to Firebird Raceway and take photos of the clubs motorcycle races. As expected, the camera performed spectacularly providing  about a 90% keeper rate. I have not seen this type of performance in any previous model owned.

Here are a few examples from the day;

RP1 Aerial Photography in Arizona

Aerial Photography in AZ

Aerial Photography in AZ

The Canon 5D Mark III is the perfect choice for aerial photography as well as any event, sports, or portraiture photos. I’ll post an update with images taken in different environments in the upcoming weeks.


In keeping with the spirit of aerial photography, I’ve include an aerial photo of Firebird Raceway taken with our retired, but trustworthy Canon 7D.

Aerial Photography with the Canon 5D Mark III

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Website Re Re-do

On September 11, 2011 we took this image of the Healing Fields in Tempe. This was the 8th annual event and we were lucky enough to have Phoenix Sky Harbor deviate the flights allowing us to get the images we needed.

This image was submitted to the event hosts and was very much appreciated.

For more information on the Healing fields, you can follow this link.


Aerial Photography in AZ


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